Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scenes From the Newhallville & Yale Architecture Community Event.

Saturday, April 6th proved to be a great day for our Architecture Event.  There was food, music, and conversations about the vision for Lilac Street and beyond.



  1. Tammy, Kali, and Kym:

    Your letter to the editor in this morning's New Haven Register brought tears to my eyes. I was so incredibly moved by your positive attitude, determination, and passion about your neighborhood. I started doing community organizing in 1964, and I can honestly say that your words and actions have provided me with more inspiration than any of my past success stories in this arena.

    While several comments in the Independent have claimed that NHS is more interested in houses than in people, we all know that this is hardly the case. You and your friends and neighbors are the future of Newhallville; all the rehabbed houses in the world can't transform a neighborhood, but its residents can!

    Sometimes it takes an unfortunate incident to galvanize people and to impel them to take action. While I, too, deeply regret Yale's decision to leave Lilac Street, the new house will be constructed, a new homeowner will take up residence on Lilac Street, and we will proceed undaunted with our best efforts to revitalize the neighborhood and help to create a place where all residents live together in peace and harmony.

    You are the centerpiece of our activities...always. Please keep up the good work! Never give up, despite the occasional setbacks and adversities. And thank you for all that you do.

    Jim Paley